While consumers are burning up the Butterball Hotline and putting up Christmas decorations as subtly and early as they can get away with, our focus turns to Lent. Lent? Yes, Lent. ‘Tis the life for those of us who work in marketing, retail, and foodservice (that’s YOU)—always have to be one step (aka 3 months) ahead of the game! So take a sip of that egg nog, and let’s talk. Lent starts early this year…February 18th to be exact. Wow! As soon as you’re finishing up that heart-shaped assortment of chocolates, you’ll be serving up fish on Fridays and other meatless alternatives.

Of course, the most common Lenten Friday feast is seafood. Jake’s offers a wide selection of fish and seafood for all types of menus. Pecan-Crusted Tilapia from Highliner Seafood is one of our favorites. Albacore Tuna in a pouch from Chicken of the Sea cuts down on waste. And be sure to check out their Tuna Salad kit—so tasty, and easy because everything you need is included.

But let’s not forget other ideas to liven up a meatless menu. What about vegetarian chili or soup? Warm and comforting ideas considering the early start of the season this year. Ventura Foods offers a wide variety of soup bases and recipes. What about eggs? Michael Foods has a great recipe for Southwest Egg Salad Melt that is unique and delicious! Plus, their variety of egg products makes it quick and easy in the kitchen. Gourmet mac & cheese is another yummy favorite that comes to mind. Baked up with a variety of cheeses from Pacific Cheese and served with a side-salad for lunch, YU-UM! Or how about a flavorful goat cheese quiche or eggs benedict with fresh fruit and a poppy seed muffin? Great for several day-parts!

When you come up for air from all your holiday parties, be sure to ask your Jake’s representative about these and other Lenten menu ideas. We promise to deliver Quality, Service AND Solutions!