Take a quick glance at our Facebook or Pinterest page, and you’ll learn real quick that we have an affection for bacon! Second only to our love for the fried pork delicacy, would be our love for avocados. On a burger, on chicken, mashed up as guacamole, or just right off the end of a fork, nothing can beat a perfectly ripe, delicious avocado. (Except for our beloved bacon.)

Which is why we love the new avocado products from Calavo Growers. Packed in Ultra-High Pressure packaging, their variety of avocado products stay fresh for up to 90 days! Calavo offers the 100% Hass green goddess of produce in halves, pulp and guacamole.  And the products are all natural with no preservatives. It’s the Ultra High Pressure that kills all the micro-organisms that cause spoilage, leaving you with a fresh, delicious product. Not to mention, the labor you save! Whether you make guacamole by the bucket, or just want to offer avocado slices as an add-on to a burger, Calavo is a great solution for you. Ask your Jake’s sales rep for a sample today!