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Jake’s 2016 Pairing Menu

2016-04-19T16:27:51-05:00February 14th, 2016|Categories: Featured Foods!, Gourmet Ranch, Seasonal Suggestions, Tips & Ideas|

The New Year is off and running, and Jake’s wants to help you keep up! With an eventful spring approaching fast, many establishments will take this time to spruce-up their menus, and one popular trend is offering a pairing menu that guides the experience of the diner. Jake’s would like to take this opportunity to offer [...]

Produce Spotlight: Taylor Farms

2015-02-22T19:30:36-06:00February 22nd, 2015|Categories: Featured Foods!|

We’ve told you about our fresh meats from our very own Gourmet Ranch, but did we mention our fresh produce? Jake’s Finer Foods offers a wide variety of fresh produce…from local and state sources, as well as the native growing states for other species. From traditional commodity produce to value-added fruits and vegetables, we strive to [...]

Tribeca Oven Breads

2014-11-28T19:29:18-06:00August 20th, 2014|Categories: Featured Foods!|

At Jake’s, we go out of our way to find just the products you’re looking for. And for this great small-batch, artisan bread, we went all the way to New Jersey!  Tribeca Oven’s hand-crafted breads are all-natural, combining fresh-baked quality with par-baked convenience. Using time-honored artisan baking techniques, the result is delicious, wholesome bread with a [...]

Trentino Gelatos & Sorbets

2014-11-28T17:21:18-06:00June 20th, 2014|Categories: Featured Foods!|

“TASTES GREAT. LESS FILLING.” Remember that old ad campaign? Well, now your customers can get the best of both worlds from Trentino Gelatos & Sorbets. Trentino Gelatos & Sorbets are delicious, local, all-natural and unique! And if that’s not enough, gelato has half the fat of ice cream and a smoother, richer texture! Not to mention, [...]

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