We’ve told you about our fresh meats from our very own Gourmet Ranch, but did we mention our fresh produce? Jake’s Finer Foods offers a wide variety of fresh produce…from local and state sources, as well as the native growing states for other species. From traditional commodity produce to value-added fruits and vegetables, we strive to consistently deliver the quality and freshness you expect time after time.

One of our key partners in fresh produce is Taylor Farms. From shredded and chopped lettuces, to veggie blends and fruit chunks, Taylor Farms is committed to quality, freshness and safety in all they produce.

Taylor Farms believes food safety can’t wait until tomorrow. (We think that’s a great way of thinking!) Their goal is to deliver the highest level of food safety and customer satisfaction available to the industry today. That’s why Taylor Farms implemented the SmartWash™ system, a revolutionary enhanced wash system that has enabled the industry to significantly raise the bar on food safety and the prevention of outbreaks.

SmartWash is a patented food wash enhancer developed by SmartWash Solutions, a division of Taylor Farms, that boosts the effectiveness of standard chlorine-based wash systems. Its outstanding performance guarantees the consistent removal of pathogens and 100% elimination of cross contamination of E. coli and Salmonella.

With all you have to manage in your kitchen, the freshness and safety of what comes in your back door should not be something to add to your list. As your distributor partner, you can be confident that Jake’s works to ensure of the utmost quality of what goes in the box, so you can focus on what goes out on the plate!

For more information about our produce offerings, be sure to contact your fabulous Jake’s representative. Or to learn more about Taylor Farms, visit www.taylorfarmsfoodservice.com.