Takeout and delivery have become a necessity these days, and consumers have quickly jumped on board. From contactless delivery to carryout, restaurants everywhere are adapting their takeout containers and safety standards to create a safe and easy solution for their customers. As always, we are here for you and eager to lend a helping hand! Read on for some great tips about takeout and delivery, and how you can keep your operation safe and your customers happy.

Delivery & Takeout Packaging Solutions

Takeout and delivery have become as lucrative as dining in, so why not provide customers with the same quality experience when carrying out? Premium to-go products for carryout or delivery orders are a must, and the right accessories go a long way. Here are some ideas to help with your to-go quality and presentation:

  • Rethink your to-go packaging. Are you using the highest quality packaging for food safety and travel? How does the quality of your to-go containers compare to your dine-in presentation? Keep your customers satisfied with tamperproof packaging, leak-resistant containers and dual-temperature bowls from Dart! Ask your Jake’s rep how to get started.
  • Create a thank you sticker to add to your takeout packaging and ensure tamperproof delivery. Sticker Mule is a great source for quality stickers at a low price!
  • Personalization is Key! Add a coupon for their next order to let customers know how much you appreciate their business.

Takeout Safety & Communication

Another easy way to provide customers with an optimum dining experience, is to prioritize safety in your operation. Here are some tips to let your customers know about the steps you are taking to ensure their safety:

  • Use social media posts, regular website updates and text message notifications.
  • Offer hands-free payments, online or phone orders and curbside pickup to ensure social distancing and keep customer contact at a minimum.
  • Follow up with your customers. Give them a call after they receive their order to make sure they are satisfied.

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