Our eco-friendly 230,000 sq ft warehouse features nine temperature zones to ensure each item is stored at its ideal temperature, including our produce which is inspected throughout the day to make sure all fruits and vegetables are delivered to you fresh, ripe and ready to use.

State-of-the-art technology, design innovations and energy-saving elements, deliver greater warehousing capacity, unparalleled food storage processes and the ability to efficiently distribute more than 15,000 items.

We also utilize leading-edge supply chain technology to ensure accurate orders at high fill rates, while our modern fleet of trucks consistently delivers the freshness and quality you can expect from Jake’s. Our late-model trailers are equipped with multi-temperature refrigeration units, allowing us to deliver frozen, refrigerated, and dry product, all at one time, and within required temperature specifications of our customers.

We employ safe, courteous, and experienced delivery drivers, who are lead by our responsive and service-oriented transportation staff, and supported by our entire executive management team.