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There are lots of secrets to life…so they say. The secret to success. The secret to looking young. The secret to a happy marriage. Even at Jake’s we jokingly claim to be the “best kept secret in town.”

Truth is, while some may not have heard of us, thousands have come to know and love us since 1946. From 11 dozen eggs sold our first week, to today, the only locally family-owned and operated broadliner in our market, we continue to surpass the industry with profitable, sustained growth year after year.

So, what is our secret? It’s really quite simple. Our team. Our team is what is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our team works tirelessly to deliver A Higher Standard of Service™ to our one true “boss,” the customer. Our team is driven, passionate and caring. They consistently go the extra mile to serve one another and our customers.

Victor brissa perla
Team Member Spotlight

Honoring our wonderful fathers at Jake’s

We want to acknowledge Victor and his two daughters, Brissa and Perla for being an essential part of the Jake’s family. Keep reading to learn about how their relationship has grown during their time working together at Jake's and the unforgettable lessons they have learned from each other along the way. Brissa: How has working in the same company as your dad helped your relationship? Working in the same company as my dad has made our relationship closer and has helped us build a stronger bond. How has your dad influenced and inspired your career? My dad encouraged me to join Jake’s as a hot-shot driver so that I could use the money towards my books and pay for school to study engineering. Working with  my dad at Jake's helped me realize that I wanted to switch my career plans ...
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