Celebrating Women’s History Month with Women Who Are Making History in the Warehouse

Team Member Spotlight

Meet Liza Bobino, Inventory Receiver—just one of our female team members breaking through the “warehouse ceiling.” Bobino displays an unbreakable strength all around–whether that be out on the dock or amongst her peers. Although she never envisioned herself in this kind of environment, Bobino has exhibited an undeniable skill for her work here at Jake’s. As one of the few women working in the warehouse, Bobino vocalized, “It can be a little intimidating and tough working alongside men.” When asked for a pro-tip for women seeking a position in the warehouse, she advised to not let the machinery or workload intimidate you. Bobino is respected and appreciated among her peers, and she describes her coworkers as “big sweethearts.” Bobino’s experience working at Jake’s has been very positive. She says her male co-workers are very welcoming, and have always made her feel comfortable. Bobino recalls witnessing more women enter warehouse positions than ever before. When asked about the most inspirational woman in her life, she mentioned a past co-worker named Ana who worked her way up from janitor to a supervisory role. Bobino’s motivation stemmed from Ana’s perseverance and consistency in her work ethic. Jake’s is very proud to recognize our outstanding team member, Liza Bobino, for her contribution to A Higher Standard of Service™!

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