Celebrating Women’s History Month with Women Who Are Making History in the Warehouse

Team Member Spotlight

Today the Jake’s Spotlight is shining on Chelsea Stokes, Warehouse Clerk. Stokes’ kind demeanor has aided to her success in the trucking and warehouse industries. She describes her work as being very tedious at times, which consists of setting schedules, processing checks, writing out receipts, and making sure all our drivers and clients have a satisfactory experience. Coming in, Stokes describes herself as being a little more conservative and not very social with her team members. However, with time, her surrounding team members realized they were more alike than different. Here at Jakes, Stokes feels supported and appreciated by her team. Her advice for women searching for a warehouse career is, “…never be afraid to ask questions, and speak up when something is bothering you.” Although she acknowledges that the environment can be a little intimidating, she assures that with confidence, anyone will thrive—no matter the environment. Jake’s is very proud to recognize our outstanding team member, Chelsea Stokes, for her contribution to A Higher Standard of Service™!

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