Foodservice Company in Dallas, TX

If you think you can’t find a local, family-owned foodservices distributor in Dallas, TX, with an old-fashioned commitment to service excellence and state-of-the-art storage and delivery systems, you have now!
Jake’s Finer Foods was started just after World War II by Kervin (Jake) Jacob, who sold fresh eggs door-to-door in Carmine, TX, and his family is still providing fresh, delicious food throughout eastern Texas and western Louisiana.

The Choice for Unique Premium Food Products in Dallas, TX

We supply restaurants, stores, delis, bakeries, and other food retailers as well as schools and other clients with a wide variety of the leading brands from the top manufacturers. We are also known for our fresh meat and produce.

We’re a leading Dallas, TX, specialty food supplier. When you’re looking for something new and different to offer your customers, we probably have it, and if we don’t, we’ll find it. We partner with specialty food vendors from across the country and around the world.

We have more than 10,000 foods to choose from. All are tested and sampled before they leave our Culinary Center to make sure they’re up to our standards – and yours. We also have take-out containers, disposable dishware, condiments, and other items that are perfect for to-go orders, which have become a staple of the restaurant business.

Keeping Our Food Fresh

Sure, some things haven’t changed at Jake’s over the past 75 years, like our values — living our faith, the importance of a hard day’s work, keeping our word, and treating people with kindness and respect. Some things have changed a lot –- like the way food is stored and transported.

Our food is stored in our 230,000 square-foot state-of-the-art warehouse that contains nine different temperature zones. When our food leaves the warehouse, it goes directly onto one of our large trucks, which are equipped with multi-temperature refrigeration units. No matter how hot it is outside, your food will arrive at just the right temperature and be ready to prepare or serve.

We know the importance of on-time delivery to any food service provider. It should go without saying (but we’ll say it anyway!) that we’re committed to delivering all of our premium food products in Dallas, TX, on schedule.

“Your Very Own Custom Butcher Shop”

We couldn’t very well call ourselves a Dallas, TX, foodservice company if we didn’t offer our customers a vast array of fresh, premium, custom-cut meats. We partner exclusively with Gourmet Ranch to provide delicious meats for any culinary need. We have:

  • Beef and veal – including custom-cut, aged steaks, and fresh ground beef and patties
  • Pork – including a variety of pork cuts
  • Poultry – including freshly cut chicken and wild game
  • Specialty meats – including rabbit, buffalo, venison, frog legs, and more
  • Value-added meats – marinated, chicken-fried, or prepared any way you choose

Gourmet Ranch is committed to providing safe, fresh, USDA-inspected meats, whether it’s a T-bone steak or fajita stuffing. They can also provide the portions you need, whether you’re serving a football team or a room of kindergartners.

Contact Jake’s Finer Foods for Gourmet Food and Produce

Restaurants and other food retailers need to be ready to serve their customers – whether they’re dining in or taking out, and with the holidays just around the corner, you can’t risk running out of the foods that bring your customers back again and again.

Trust the foodservices distributor in Dallas, TX, you can count on – Jake’s Finer Foods. Call us at 713-868-1301 or email us at We look forward to serving you.