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An accomplished cook or chef knows that a truly fabulous meal starts with fabulous ingredients. Jake’s Finer Foods is the outstanding Mexican restaurant food supplier in Dallas, TX, because we have everything to help you prepare food that is healthy, visually impressive, and absolutely fresh. Everyone’s taste buds will be pleasantly awakened by the meals your establishment serves when the “building blocks” used to create it come from us. What emerges from your kitchen will always have that special pizzazz that superb professional cooks and diners in-the-know crave.

Jake’s Finer Foods Should Be Your Dallas Tex-Mex Meat Supplier

Welcome to Gourmet Ranch! Now in its 21st successful year, Gourmet Ranch is one of the most popular facets of our entire foodservice operation. We can offer you every type of meat imaginable – beef, poultry, pork, and veal, plus more exotic selections like pheasant, rattlesnake, alligator, kangaroo, and wild boar.

People throughout Texas and Louisiana rave about our marinated fajitas because they are so delicious. No wonder they are always such a big hit!

We take our responsibility as your Mexican restaurant foodservice in Dallas, TX, seriously. For 75 years, we have demonstrated that our commitment to our customers does not stop with the enormous variety and succulent taste of our meats and other foods. We also want you to feel totally confident that what you get from us is pure, safe, and rigorously examined for quality.

We welcome USDA inspections and our Quality Assurance regimen could not be more robust. Our butchering environment is scrupulously kept immaculate. The staff is extremely familiar with proper foodservice hygiene and the sanitary handling and storage of food. We expect no less of our employees and you should expect no less, either.
Like everything we do at Jake’s Finer Foods, our focus is wholly on you. We will never cut corners or scrimp on the details.

We Are the Mexican Restaurant Food Supplier in Dallas, TX, That Has Marvelous Special Occasion Ideas

Having terrific food on hand from us, your Dallas Tex-Mex restaurant foodservice, is just the first step in making every appetizer and entree a real culinary triumph. You also need wonderful concepts. Jake’s Finer Foods is the right place to locate them.

Holidays can mean a bonanza of business for you. Many people look forward to festive meals with their family on occasions such as Mother’s Day, Easter, and Cinco de Mayo. Jake’s Fine Foods has a trove of ideas for meal planning that will enchant diners of all ages and preferences.

For Cinco de Mayo, for instance, we suggest Café H carnitas, street tacos, 44 Farms tamales, fajitas, skillet nachos and zesty margaritas. Create your own unforgettable celebration to wow everyone and begin it with us!

Jake’s Finer Foods Is the Mexican Restaurant Foodservice in Dallas, TX, That Can Customize for You

We don’t do everything with cookie-cutter similarity for all our clients because it’s easier or faster for us that way. In fact, our philosophy has always been to individually tailor the items and services we provide to meet your own needs. At Jake’s Finer Foods, we understand that every client is unique and has a diverse clientele of their own. That is the exacting standard to which we hold ourselves accountable. That is what has made us the reliable, responsive company you have turned to for fantastic foodservice for generations. That is why we hope to keep you coming back to us for years!

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We can trumpet the excellence of our company. Our track record over many decades speaks well for us. But there is no substitute for sampling our food and getting acquainted with our team of experts. We urge you to contact us at 713-868-1301 so we can start working for you today!