Tex-Mex & Mexican Restaurant Food Supplier in Fort Worth, TX

Stop and think for a minute about how many Tex-Mex eating establishments there are here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. You can probably find at least a few hundred in merely an initial search. There are tamales food and horchata drink stands, taco trucks, salsa and guacamole co-packers, and everything from rustic to high-end, full-service restaurants. What if someone told you that the majority of them used a single Mexican Restaurant Food Supplier Fort Worth, TX? You might wonder if using a different one, like us here at Jake’s Finer Foods, would distinguish your operation from others.

One of the best ways to reach new customers with discerning palates is to offer something that the others just can’t, whether it’s a larger, more varied product line featuring top-quality, hard-to-find, fresh, unique ingredients, or quick delivery and stellar customer service. We believe that we’re the only Fort Worth Tex-Mex restaurant foodservice company that can not only say that we do all of this but fulfill our promises!

What Types of Products Do We Offer?

Perhaps a better question would be to ask us about the items that we can’t or don’t offer as the leading provider of Mexican restaurant foodservice in Fort Worth, TX. There would be very little, if anything, on that list. You can count on us to have:

  • Premium cut, center-of-plate proteins: We’re the leading Fort Worth Tex-Mex meat supplier with the ability to source virtually any beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, or fish selections you may be looking for.
  • High-quality, freshly sourced, and gourmet spices: We source spices from every corner of the world and are sure that we have just about any others that you might use in creating your Tex-Mex masterpieces, including cacao, cinnamon, chile powder, cilantro, garlic, achiote, and clove.
  • Peak-of-freshness picked produce: You can rest assured knowing that our produce has an optimal flavor profile, from our tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, onions, and avocadoes down to all the different varieties of peppers that we have in stock. These include ancho, chipotle, serrano, costeno, habanero, and any other kind that you may think of.

We like to say that here at Jake’s Finer Foods that we specialize in sourcing specialty products. That means that no matter whether you’re looking for a certain kind of cheese, baking goods, sauces, shortening, or any other food-related ingredient, we like to think that we can get our hands on it for you.

While we may have convinced you that we have all things your Mexican restaurant foodservice in Fort Worth, TX, could ever envision wanting, you likely have questions about what type of service you can expect to receive from us here at Jake’s Finer Foods.

We excel at customer service. We don’t think that we would have successfully grown our operations from a family-owned small business to the regional leader that we are today in Texas and Louisiana if we didn’t offer a high degree of customer care and unique, high-quality products. Our 75 years in business, 230,000 square foot distribution center, robust inventory management system and our collection of state-of-the-art delivery trucks are all a testament to the fact that we must be doing something right.

Contact Jake’s Finer Foods for Gourmet Food and Produce

Ready for the Jake’s Finer Foods experience? We would love to be your Mexican restaurant food supplier in Fort Worth, TX.

Give us a call at 713-868-1301 or reach us by email at ContactUs@JakesFinerFoods.com to get your first taste of our large inventory of products and attentive customer-focused service.