Honoring Our Special Moms at Jake’s

Team Member Spotlight

In honor of Mother’s Day, Jake’s Finer Foods is shining the spotlight on our moms who are not only promoting A Higher Standard of Service™ at Jake’s, but in motherhood as well. Brittany Sparacino and her mom Elizabeth Barnett work in our Marketing and Accounting departments, respectively. This incredible mother/ daughter duo shares their experience as coworkers. Brittany explains how working with her mom strengthened their relationship and helped Elizabeth see the mature and professional side of her daughter. Brittany is inspired by her mother’s resilience and effort to keep pushing herself to learn more and grow as a person. When asked about an unforgettable lesson learned from one another, Brittany answered perseverance. Elizabeth added, “You can only push a child so far, but eventually you have to let them go their own way.”

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