Houston Mexican Restaurant Food Supplier

If you’re on the market for a Houston mexican restaurant food supplier, then you’ll find Jake’s Finer Foods to be the company that you’re looking to partner with. Not only do we offer the freshest prime cuts of meats, but our produce is sourced at the season’s peak, which your customers likely demand, whether you’re making salsa, pico de gallo, chile relleno, guacamole, mole sauce, or any other tantalizing Mexican recipes.

On top of our high-quality meats and produce, we offer a wide variety of spices. Some of the ones we offer you’d have to look long and hard to find elsewhere, yet we can offer them right to your door with a quick phone call or a few clicks of your mouse.

If what sets your Houston Tex-Mex restaurant foodservice operation apart from the pack is the freshest, high-quality ingredients that you use to prepare customers’ favorite dishes, then we have you covered.

What sets us apart as a Houston Mexican Restaurant Food Supplier?

There are likely others offering Mexican restaurant foodservice in Houston, TX. What sets us apart from the pack in terms of companies that offer this service are:

  • Our quality assurance protocol: Our 230,000 square foot warehouse has nine temperature zones, and our delivery trucks are built with state-of-the-art technology. We have employees who regularly inspect our meats, produce, spices, and other products daily to ensure that they arrive at you at optimal freshness. It doesn’t hurt that we’re a Houston Tex-Mex premium meat supplier that not only has our own ranch but cut shop, too.
  • Personable customer service: We pride ourselves on being attentive to our customers. We try our best to promptly take your call, respond to your emails, and any other methods of communication. We know your time is valuable and keep that in mind when efficiently walking you through the ordering process.
  • Reliable inventory management and delivery: How frustrating is it when you need an item and it’s on backorder? You don’t have to worry about that here at Jake’s Finer Foods. We maintain a minimum quantity on hand of most of our product line to ensure that you can get your hands on it when your Mexican restaurant foodservice in Houston, TX, needs it. We also deliver locally here in Houston and into Louisiana.
  • An extensive product line: We have you covered if you need fresh meats and produce, no matter what they are, thanks, in part, to our 10,000-item inventory of products that we carry in stock. Do we really carry all the spices and other products you also need? You bet we do! Just ask, and we bet that we have it. If we don’t, we might just be able to get it for you … fast – this is what makes us a top Houston Mexican restaurant food supplier.

Some other factors that differentiate us from our competitors are that we’re a local, family-owned business that has been in operation here in Houston for 75 years. How many others can say that they have this long-standing connection with vendors and foodservice operations here in our wonderful Texas community? It allows us to offer competitive pricing and tailor our product line to what our customers want. Finally, being based in Houston means we are directly connected to the restaurants we serve, as both partners and happy customers!

Contact Jake’s Finer Foods for Gourmet Food and Produce

Whether you’re looking for a vendor for your new restaurant or if you’re ready to take the plunge and give another Houston mexican restaurant food supplier a try, we don’t think that we here at Jake’s Finer Foods will disappoint.

Call us at 713-868-1301 or email us at ContactUs@JakesFinerFoods.com. You’ll be pleased that you did.