Restaurant Supply Austin, TX

If you’re looking for a restaurant food supplier in Austin, TX, with a commitment to service excellence, wholesale prices, and a wide variety of fresh meats and other center-of-the-plate choices, you can’t make a better choice than Jake’s Finer Foods.

We’ve been in the food delivery business for 75 years, and we’re still a family-owned and -operated business with a commitment to the same values we’ve always had. We’re proud to be a leading supplier of wholesale food for restaurants in Austin, TX, and throughout east Texas as well as western Louisiana.

Providing Top Quality Food to the Customers We Serve

Jake’s Finer Foods delivers a selection of over 10,000 quality foods to:

  • Multi-unit restaurants
  • Independent restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Other retail foodservice providers, including delis and bakeries
  • K-12 schools

We’re a local company, but we partner with the leading foodservice distribution network in the U.S. — UniPro Foodservice. That means we are able to offer our customers selections from more than 800 food manufacturers and the leading brands in food today.

Our values haven’t changed in all these years, but our technology certainly has. Our large, ultra-modern warehouse has nine temperature zones so that all our food is stored at precisely the right temperature until it’s put on one of our temperature-controlled trucks to deliver to our customers. We’re committed to ensuring that our Austin wholesale restaurant supply and other foodservice orders arrive on schedule.

The Only Austin, TX, Fresh Cut Meat Supplier You’ll Ever Need

Jake’s Finer Foods is known for offering a wide selection of fresh, premium meats. We’re the exclusive supplier of Gourmet Ranch. For over 20 years, Gourmet Ranch has provided:

  • Freshly cut chicken, poultry, and wild game
  • A variety of pork cuts
  • Custom-cut aged steaks
  • Fresh ground beef and patties
  • Specialty meats, including rabbit, buffalo, frog legs, ostrich, and much more
  • Value-added items like marinated fajita meat, cutlets, and more.

Gourmet Ranch specializes in hand-selected custom cuts and portions, so you choose exactly what you need and what your customers expect from you. It’s like having your own private butcher shop. Their facility is USDA-inspected and has a top-notch Quality Assurance program, so you can be sure that all of their meats are safe and fresh.

Bringing Our Values to Everything We Do

We couldn’t have made it through all of the ups and downs of the past 75 years providing wholesale food for restaurants in Austin, TX, and beyond without remaining true to our core values.

  • Faith – We live our faith every day and put God at the center of our work and everything we do.
  • Accountability and integrity – We take responsibility for everything we do, and if there’s a problem, we’ll make it right.
  • Respect and professionalism – All of our team members, from our owners to our drivers, treat our customers and everyone we come in contact with the way we’d expect to be treated.
  • Customer focus – We never forget that we’re only here because of our customers. We work diligently to meet their needs and deliver beyond their expectations. “Good enough” isn’t good enough.
  • Teamwork – We believe that no company can succeed unless the people there work together as a team to achieve their shared goals.

Contact Jake’s Finer Foods for Gourmet Food and Produce

With the holidays just around the corner, we know you want to offer your customers only the best and that you never want to run out of fresh, delicious meats, produce and more. Let our restaurant food supplier in Austin, TX, handle all your needs. Call us at 713-868-1301 or email us at We look forward to serving you and your customers.