Celebrating Women’s History Month with Women Who Are Making History in Foodservice

Team Member Spotlight

Jake’s Finer Foods is proud to spotlight our Category Manager Raigan Mayo as we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month. Mayo’s infectious personality fosters an immensely positive environment for our team members, leaving a mark everywhere she goes and bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Raigan shares her thoughts on women in the workforce, explaining how at times, women are assessed as being too hard or too soft but at the end of the day gender has nothing to do with performance. Her advice for younger women seeking out professional and managerial roles, “Never try to be someone else; they will see right through you. Always be proud and confident.” Mayo’s ultimate inspiration comes from her mother whom she describes as her hero. Mayo expresses her gratitude for her fellow team members and the welcoming and accepting environment Jake’s has created. She acknowledges that there are still barriers for women and the LGBTQ+ community to overcome, but feels very lucky to be at a company like Jake’s where she is supported and loved. Jake’s is very proud to recognize our outstanding team member, Raigan Mayo, for her contribution to A Higher Standard of Service™!

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