Celebrating Women’s History Month with Women Who Are Making History in the Warehouse

Team Member Spotlight

One walk through the Jake’s warehouse, and you’re likely to see the smiling face of Brissa Garcia, Inventory Clerk. With her ambitious spirit, Garcia is just one of many leading the way for women in the warehouse. First brought on as a driver helper, and then gradually working her way up to inventory clerk. Outside of work, Garcia is a full-time student studying petroleum engineering. Her work ethic is inspired by her loving mother who instilled the value of resilience and determination.

When asked about one thing she wished more people knew about women in the warehouse, she confidently states, “Women can do it too. I was hired for a reason.” Although at times, she feels underestimated, Garcia never fails to surprise others with her efficiency. In terms of the stereotypes surrounding women in blue collar jobs, Garcia exclaims that you must set a boundary and do not be hesitant. “The way you present yourself is the way they will treat you.” Overlooking gender, she believes we are all here for the exact same reason, “…picking up the same weight. Our equality is what makes us stronger together as a team.” Jake’s is very proud to recognize our outstanding team member, Brissa Garcia, for her contribution to A Higher Standard of Service™!

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