Honoring Our Special Moms at Jake’s

Team Member Spotlight

In honor of Mother’s Day, Jake’s Finer Foods is shining the spotlight on our moms who are not only promoting A Higher Standard of Service™ at Jake’s, but in motherhood as well. Chris Tinney has been with Jake’s IT department for 16 years. His mom, Sharon Tinney, has been in our Purchasing department for 13 years. Chris explains how working with his mom has helped their relationship because they have always been close, so it seemed like a natural fit once she joined the team. Chris is influenced by his mother’s work ethic and care for the job. Sharon adds that she gets to see a different side of Chris and enjoys working alongside him. When asked to recall an unforgettable lesson learned from one another, Chris answered, “never procrastinate” and Sharon answered, “more patience.” We thank this incredible duo for all their hard work and dedication to Jake’s these past years. Happy Mother’s Day, Sharon!

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